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FIRST and EARLY ENCOUNTERS between Pacific Peoples and Europeans
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Pacific Encounters :  FIRST and EARLY ENCOUNTERS between Pacific Peoples and Europeans
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Agrandir Between 2007 and 2011, several narratives of British visits to Tahiti had been collected, under Dame Prof. Anne Salmond's supervision, transcribed when available only in manuscript, and translated in French (by Deborah Pope). These narratives (original and French translation) have been given to French Polynesia, represented by Hon. Senator Richard Ariihau Tuheiava, at the conclusion of the workshop "Uncovering Oceanic Encounters" held in the Australian National University and the National Museum of Australia, Canberra, on 11-12 July 2011 (see pictures and their legends in the diaporama, upper right corner of the welcome page, and herebelow for the program of the worskhop).
Previously, Dame Anne Salmond has given a key-note address at the opening of the Pacific Science Intercongress, Papeete, March 2009. This lecture gives a grand historical vision of Tahiti just before contact and during the years 1767-1773. A French translation has been done by Deborah Pope and is available here for the first time (see link below). (The English original lecture has been recently published: Anne Salmond « Sacrifices from Afar : Tahiti and Europe." In Cultural Crossings. Negotiating Identities in Francophone and Anglophone Pacific Literatures/ A la Croisée des cultures. De la négociation des identités dans les littératures francophones et anglophones du pacifique, Ed. and intro,/sous la direction de / Raylene Ramsay, Peter Lang, Brussels, 2010. pp. 25-47).

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